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At Clínica del Pie la Malagueta we want you to learn how to be a good podiatrist. Víctor Hidalgo shows you straightforwardly how podiatry works in the 21st century. so that you can carry out all the services that you will be able to perform in your future podiatry office.



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    You will experience how to work in the Podiatry sector and the day-to-day tasks that have to be carried out: organizing the agenda, dealing with patients…

    You will be confronted with clinical cases, you will be able to assess real patients, you will understand the reasons for everything and we will be able to discuss the cases to reinforce what you have learned.

    No one wants to finish their university studies and remain in the theoretical sphere. Everyone wants to know, learn and practice all kinds of treatments in order to work.

    You will learn the biomechanics used by Victor Hidalgo and now you have the great opportunity to take your practice to the next level. Turn your internship into something even more TOP.
    Outside of office hours you can take the biomechanics course that best suits your level, needs and objectives.

    The only internships that take you by the hand from “I need to do my degree internship” to “I know how to run a podiatry clinic”.

    What you are going to do in my clinic is not an internship, maybe I lied to you a little bit.

    What you are about to experience is an experience in which I will show you EVERYTHING I know about podiatry.

    I will show you the method and the way of working that has brought me to where I am.

    We'll cut to the chase, no filler material, chaff or useless lessons you could learn anywhere else.

    And as I told you, you're going to do it by my side. I will take you by the hand.

    What am I going to do at Clínica del Pie de la Malagueta during my podiatry internship?


    You will go from being a podiatry student to a podiatrist who has done treatments correctly and with a high degree of professionalism.


    You will do what is done in the clinic: You will see patients who walk in the door with me and learn how to solve their problems for 30 hours per week. There is nothing more exciting for a podiatrist, that is the raison d’être of our profession.




    And if you do your residency with us, you will also get a 20% discount if you take our biomechanics course during your one-week or two-week period.

    Methods of payment: one-time payment

    1 week


    -20% discount on courses of

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    2 weeks


    Save more than 15% on
    -20% in biomechanics course

    The most requested residence

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    1 month


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    in our course

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    You will go from being a podiatry student to a podiatrist who has done treatments correctly and with a high degree of professionalism.
    The opinion of our residents is our pride

    After finishing my podiatry degree at the UMA I did my podiatry internship at Victor’s clinic for several weeks. For me it has been a great professional experience, since Victor is very didactic and close in the treatment. At all times he makes you feel confident, resolving all your doubts and making you participate in each clinical case. A very enriching experience that I have certainly recommended to many fellow graduates.

    Marta Catalan 300x300 BN


    I spent several weeks in Victor’s clinic and Yolanda, his secretary. They are a great team, from minute one you feel at home and as if you have always been part of the team. This is something that is very much appreciated just out of college and at the gates of starting your working life. With Victor everything seems easy, as his experience makes everything seem so easy. Clear and direct explanations, without detours. This makes it much easier for novice podiatrists like me to lose that fear we have right out of college. His global vision of the patient and his work philosophy is very contagious and makes you enjoy every day in practice and feel motivated. 100% recommended if you want to start off on the right foot.

    laura amado 2 300x300 BN


    I met Victor many years ago, he operated on my toe and that awakened my interest in podiatry. When I finished my studies in Malaga I called him to see if I could do an internship in his clinic. In the end I spent almost a year visiting his clinic, when my work schedule allowed me, to continue learning and sharing cases with him. I am very grateful for everything he did for me and the confidence he gave me, today I have my own practice that is going great and I know I can always count on him to solve any doubts I may have. For me he is not only an excellent professional and colleague, but also someone very important in my professional life. Thank you very much for everything. If you have finished your degree and want to give a plus to your training, this is undoubtedly the next natural step.

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    You have my personal promise that I will give my all so that you leave the residency knowing how to practice podiatry.


    “I want satisfied students who are eager to learn.”


    The time has come to decide where you want to be in the near future.


    You and I both know that in a few months you will be somewhere. The question is… where? That is the decision you must make.


    And I’ll be honest with you, to get different results than others, you have to do different things than others.


    This “Podiatry Residency” is the one that will make the difference at the beginning of your professional career. If you decide to come in, I will be waiting for you in my clinic.

    Frequently Asked Questions about our podiatry practices


    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal.

    Can I choose any week of the year?

    Of course we can, subject to availability of dates.

    Can I do the internship with a colleague?

    No, in order to make the internship more dynamic and to make better use of the student’s time, only 1 student is allowed per internship period.

    Will I receive any kind of diploma at the end of my internship?

    No, we are a private clinic that offers you an internship in our facilities, we are not an official school or university that can issue official degrees. Here we show you how a clinic works on a day-to-day basis and how a podiatrist deals with daily practice.

    However, at the end of the internship we will give you an evaluation letter so that you can begin your work experience in other centers, and it will serve as accreditation of your internship in our practice.

    What do I need for my internship?

    Nothing, a lot of desire to learn, a desire to take advantage of the experience and that we spend some very pleasant days in good company. It’s all about enjoying the experience. Ah… don’t forget your medical gown and clogs please, it’s the only thing you have to bring.

    Will I continue on my own once my internship is over?

    Never again! Once you finish your internship you can contact me to consult me about your cases and doubts, you can, if you want, come with your patients to our clinic so that we can evaluate it together. In this profession most of the colleagues work alone and sometimes they do not have or cannot consult their doubts, this is over from now on we are going to form a big family of fellow podiatrists.

    P.S. Future podiatrist or podiatrist. Now is the time to act. You know that everything you do now will have an impact on your future. Your professional and personal life will thank you, I can assure you. Are you motivated and eager enough to start making your dream come true? So, let me help you start fulfilling those dreams. Click on “contact us”.

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